Senior Design


  • $1,500

  • $1,000

  • $500


Engineering students completing their final years of study need to showcase an advanced ability for technical design and problem-solving. The Senior Design competition provides a chance to finesse these skills, while presenting their fabricated solutions to peers and industry professionals from across the province.

Competitors must work within given time and budget constraints to design, create, and test a physical prototype of their proposed solution. As the competitors are near the completion of their engineering studies, concepts they may need in their design can span a variety of disciplines. As such, it is recommended that teams be comprised of multidisciplinary members, but is not necessary for success. Each team will be judged based on their design, application, teamwork, and performance, with regards to both their prototype and presentation.

Competitors must be in the last two (2) years of engineering studies in order to be eligible for participation.

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