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Consultants are hired in every industry to provide sound business advice relating to the fields of engineering and technology. They are experts in the subject matter, with the ability to flush out a variety of solutions in order to facilitate selection of the optimal business decision.

In this competition, students are tasked with taking on the role of hired consultants. Presented with an engineering problem, they must develop and present a logical solution to the client (aka the judging panel), which demonstrate an awareness and consideration of the social, environmental, technological, and economic impact of the propose solution. As the nature of consulting services spans a wide variety of industries, it is recommended that teams have multidisciplinary members, but is not necessary for success in the competition. Each team will be judged based on an original design, an analysis and understanding of the client’s needs, and a demonstrated effort to optimize the proposed solution.

Competitors in all years of engineering studies are eligible for participation.

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